SmartPace - Dynamic Pacing Conveyors

Product Pacing for Packaging Machine Infeed or Other Product Spacing Needs

SmartPace Conveyors

  • Takes randomly spaced products and paces them into even spacing 
  • Completely non-contact, no guides diverts or plows 
  • Create even spaced product or alternating batches of product 
  • Merge multiple lines together without product stops or gates

How it Works:

  • Randomly spaced product enter the conveyor
  • Photoeye detects product spacing
  • The servo motor control automatically varies the conveyor speed and conveyor junction placement to generate an evenly spaced product

Performance Specifications

  • Up to 200 ft/min belt speed
  • Can smoothly transfer parts as short as 3" long
  • Multiple FDA approved belting options
  • Maintenance free self-tracking conveyor belts
  • Available in aluminum or corrosion resistant stainless steel frame

Conveyor Specifications

  • 4" to 12" wide and 6' long
  • 1.25" diameter end transfer rollers
  • Motors can be mounted on either side or both sides of conveyor
  • (2) independent self tracking belted conveyors
  • Movable conveyor junction driven by plastic/stainless steel drive chain
  • All bearings are sealed for life

Servo Gearmotors

  • (3) Servo gearmotors driving conveyors and transfer location
    • (2) Conveyor drive motors = Yaskawa SGMGV-05 Servo Motors
      with 2:1 timing belt reduction
    • (1) Junction drive motor = Yaskawa SGMGV-13 with 4:1 right
      angle gear reducer


  • Yaskawa MP3200iec Motion Controller
  • 230 V, 1 Phase Input (3 Phase, 230 V and 460 V, 50/60 Hz available)
  • Stand alone control with HMI interface
  • Programmable product spacing and/or patterns
  • Built in safety control circuit
  • Remote enable and run signals input signals available
  • System ready and fault outputs available


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