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Spare Parts

Longevity and efficiency are two of the top requirements for our clients. Luckily, 50 years in the conveyor manufacturing industry has given Dorner Conveyors the experience to master both. By providing custom solutions to fit industry demands, we ensure each system is utilized to the fullest.

We often find our systems to be the lifeline of our customers’ production, giving them the ability to effectively move product in a timely manner. Peak performance is obtained when regular inspections, proper maintenance, employee training, and stocked replacement parts are kept up-to-date.

When considering your conveyor system, replacement belts and parts cannot be overlooked. Keeping core parts in stock will decrease downtime and keep costs low.

Solutions Designed with You in Mind

Belt SpliceWe use in-house splicing, cleat welding, and v-guiding techniques to create quality belts that will enhance any conveyor system. Our rigorous testing and inspecting process ensures that each Dorner belt is built to last. Our technicians pay specific attention to belt tracking and tension, and with Dorner’s Preventative Maintenance program, you can request a Dorner technician visit for an inspection and adjustment of all your belts.

Our in-house belting department allows us to build conveyors that operate more efficiently by making belts that perform well and track properly.  At Dorner we apply the v-guiding before the belt is made.  When manufacturers apply the v-guide after splicing the belt together, two potential failure points are created: the splice and the v-guide splice. By applying the v-guide before making the belt, the v-guide strip maintains its integrity for a seamless guide on the belt.

If you need to replace your old conveyor belts with high-quality, durable belts, check out our service manuals to find out exactly what you need.

Care and Maintenance of Conveyor Systems

By choosing the right conveyor and keeping up with auditing programs and preventative maintenance, you’ll save money and be more likely to increase the service life of your system. One important part of this process is spare parts. Keeping spare parts on hand will allow you to quickly repair the conveyor equipment and minimize production downtime.

Replacement PartsAt Dorner, we make this maintenance process easy. Our Parts Auditing Program, a value added free service, provides you with an accurate, professional opinion of which spare parts are necessary to keep your Dorner conveyor and equipment operational. Once you have consulted with our inspector, Dorner will provide you with an audited list and quote of the recommended spare parts. Plus, we’ll provide a report of any pending maintenance concerns that you may want to address.

Our reliable and efficient service process is designed to get your conveyor up and running to save you both time and money. By streamlining the inspection, repair, and maintenance process, you’ll be able to improve your conveyor system in the most convenient way possible.

The Highest Quality of Belt and Conveyor Solutions Available 

Dorner belts make the most of your conveyor technology. With industry-leading speeds, best-in-class transfers, and simple solutions, our belts lend themselves perfectly to the conveyor automation process. Our solutions make product processing easy and Belt Inventorydependable -- from inspection and bar code reading to labeling and orienting.

Dorner machinery works together to become more than just individual pieces of a conveyor system -- through creative design and seamless automation, Dorner packaging solutions will streamline your entire process.

For more information about any of our Dorner products, visit our solutions page or call one of our trained experts at 800.397.8664.

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